hey hello

how cute is she, i don't like piercings but she pulls the septum off well

i don't feel very much motivated to do anything creative. i want to, but laziness brings me to a halt. i bought a portable garment rack yesterday, as i don't have my own closet in my secluded room downstairs. now all i need (yes, need) is a garment steamer. i don't know about anyone else, but ironing is a huge annoyance for me. i currently don't iron anything of mine, and feel really bad going anywhere with crinkly clothes. apparel just looks that much better when it's in smooth appearance. so much better. i had vitabrits for breakfast with honey and milk. was planning on spending some time outside to build up some colour on my pastey skin. i also very much desire a jaffle maker. the options of jaffle sandwiches are endless! i still love classic tin spaghetti.

i think i may just hop skip over to big w right now and do just that. get me a jaffle maker! so long, happy thursday x


  1. Ooh, I like the chair! And I'm not really one for piercings either, but that girl is very cute!

    First two sentences = my life. Hehe. Ah, well.

    I think I would like jaffles very much! I wonder if they're solely an Australian thing...

  2. haha we have a very similar life then :P
    if you ever come to australia, i can offer you a place to stay, and i shall make you jaffles! hehe. i'm not too sure if it's SOLELY an australian thing, although i don't know of any other country on the bandwagon haha :) ps, i am really liking this penpal we got going on ;)

  3. Hi! Just wanted to give you my new address since you asked for it on my former blog (Anne in NH): http://hello-souris.blogspot.com/