I'm getting a bike, woohoo! Thanks to my lovely boyfriend of course :)

This exact one, in this ruby red and it's even got a wee basket at the front and everything! One that I've always wanted. I can't wait until I have to move out of home and into town. This will be my number one source of travel! With the exception of grocery shopping and visiting the boy, when my car will be in dire need of that. Unless I'm just getting a few necessities from Woolies. I can't wait :) When the parts arrive, I'm going to be assisting him in putting it together to learn all about "the beautiful history and mechanics and art of bicycling" as Carl put it. He's cute. This is getting me quite excited for summer bike rides! Plus it'll mean I'm saving money on fuel, lowering my carbon footprint AND most important, it'll be exercise! Now I just have to find a pretty helmet. Silly Australia and making it illegal to ride without a helmet. There are NO nice looking helmets for women! Seriously none. If anyone knows of any to suggest, please, do tell!

On another note, I've been looking at a lot of beauty blogs as of late. And a few actually SELL their used products.. is it just me, or does anyone else think this is quite disgusting? Yeah, it's cheap and you may have only used it once or twice, but I'd much rather get my hands on brand new cosmetics, only opened by me and not containing any bacteria. You're pretty much buying the tester product! Sorry if you do this, but I think it's quite repulsive in my opinion. Beauty products: a thing you shouldn't buy second hand!

Tomorrow is my day off and I'm quite excited because.. well I love my days off. I am hoping I clean my room and ACTUALLY do it this time.

New stuff I am loving:

Also, sorry lovers of animals (namely wild rabbits/hares and wallabies and 'roos), but I hate them so much when I nearly (sometimes unfortunately successfully) HIT them while they run/jump/hop in front of me doing 100km/h on the highway. I don't care if they have as much right to be on near the road but they should just not be around. Anyway. That is all, goodnight all! xxx

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