Beauty Obsessed

Ever since I remember (a young 'un) - like any little girl - I've always loved makeup, pretty dresses and perfume (especially the beautiful bottle/packaging). I've recently gone bananas and now am addicted to online shopping. I have a bad habit of buying stuff I've never tried before, too. But I figured if I don't like it I just won't use it and that's how I'll know if I like it haha. Albeit, I do look up reviews for the product/item before I whip out my debit card. Hopefully I get my stuff tomorrow and all the others throughout the week. I love getting my parcels! I really want to make a video tour of my room. Maybe when I clean my room and once I get all my goodies I will. I'm pretty tired. I love days off, alas it is back to work tomorrow. The past two weeks I have managed to get sick on my days off before I go back to work. Pretty eager to go back to work and earn me some more moolah, now that I'm broke, thank goodness I got a pay rise! Anywho. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! Sending love your way xxx


  1. Women are so much more attune to fragrance than us chaps. We just bung on some Smell-o-Stuff, and that's it. I'm always amazed by Lady Magnon's visits to the parfumerie; she doesn't like this, she likes that, and she adores the other! To me they all smell like 'perfume', and I try to be diplomatic.... not easy!

  2. I was always more of a tomboy when i was a little girl, however now im growing up im becoming more and more interested in jewellery and perfumes, along with makeup and fashion! :)