Old & Gold

Video Killed The Radio Star.

I love seeing what's inside other people's bags. And such.


- Carl. There's no one else I'd rather spend all of my time with.
- My new iPhone. Best phone I've ever had.
- Clip purses. An obsession.
- Exercise. It takes a lot of motivation for me sometimes, but I feel so amazing afterwards.
- New parcels.
- Rainy, winter weather.
- Tackling my stubbornness.
- Roadtrips.
- Grapefruit.
- Singing. I hate singing in front of people though.
- Treasured mags.
- Pay rise.


- Never being able to find anything in my pig sty of a room.
- Sleeping in too late.
- Not getting enough sleep.
- My tea getting too cold before I get a chance to drink it.
- Julia Gillard.
- How expensive it is to get film developed around here.
- Not living somewhere where I can get beauty products like Kiehl's and Burt's Bees at ease.
- Tiger Airways. Thanks Tiger, I didn't want to go to Melbourne anyway..
- Being addicted to sugar.

Ah. I was pretty bored and I was inspired to do one of these things from the old Chik magazine, I used to love Chik. Until they stopped publishing one day and I was utterly disappointed. Good morrow! Happy weekend.

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