Tomorrow is the first day of winter! I'm a winter baby, and I'm liking this cool weather. Although I do desperately need a new wardrobe; I've just been keeping warm in my old school jumper whilst keeping a hot beverage (preferably hot chocolate) at hand. Pullovers are my all-time favourite. So of course I'm pretty satisfied with my most recent buy, a long sleeve slouchy tee in pretty lilac. I have to really restrict myself from buying too much, as today was my last shift at work for almost 5 weeks! I'm pretty stoked, but not so stoked sorta as well because that's 4 weeks without getting paid.. oh well beats being at work I suppose. I'm just going to have to be very frugal over the next few weeks. I'm also waiting on if this Lomography course is still yet to happen. There has been a few complications because it's at a bad time where people go on holiday and can't make it and Labour day weekend coming up.. so the numbers are low and the lady that's running it doesn't know if it's going to go ahead. I hope it does, but if it doesn't then that's $100 I've saved.. ha. Anywho, I've got a new "diet". It's a raw food diet, eating no processed or cooked foods/meals. So I'm cutting back on meat (I've done vegetarian diets numerous times before) and I think it's really good. That's all the 'extreme' raw dieting during the day, I'm eager for proper meals at night though. Some may think it's extreme but I need something I can feel I have some sort of control over, and it does make me feel good about myself when I am accomplished and to have willpower over silly impulses. And today was my first day of following it through, so I feel really good. I'm really considering going to university. Hopefully next year, if I (can) get in. I didn't get an OP from high school last year, and the course I want to do isn't applicable for an OP, so I'm just figuring out how I'm able to enrol. I never even considered doing uni in the past few years, up until now. Uni stuff confuses me though.. all that pre-requisites you need and I'm just not much of a school person so you could understand why I wouldn't have considered uni. But it really sounds like something good. Tomorrow, it will be 30 days until my birthday. Eighteenth to be precise. Just saying.

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