Happiness is ..

Right now, I'm loving:
inspirational quotes, Coca-Cola sipped through a straw, photo taking, the cool weather coming, Florence + The Machine, Sunday sessions, Vogue, long sleeved whimsy dresses, old childhood books and films, looking through my archive of magazines, getting closer to getting my license, cocoa butter lotion, film (both photos and video), paisley, forthcoming birthday, getting cosy, simple blouse, flats, stockings, brunette, toy cameras, friends from years ago (still keeping in touch), handwriting...... I have a serious condition of wanderlust as of late. I want to see England! But as for now, I just want to get out this town. Seriously considering moving towns.. somehow. Really seeking a new job. I have the urge to feel accomplished.. and I have a feeling my urge will not be sated with what this place has to offer.
We shall see, hopefully I eventually get something sorted out.

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