I'll take the truth at any cost

I'm just remembering how freaking awesome of an album Riot! was.. and STILL is. Just as much as their EP and latest album are as well. I really miss my sisters. And my psycho niece and nephew, and the baby niece. And old friends. Townsville holds so many memories for me. Even though tis a pretty shit place.. to be bluntly abrupt. The weather's shit there. Shit beaches.. where I've been anyway. Not that I spend much time in the sun anyway, I'm happy being 'pastey' and maybe end up resulting in having a possible vitamin D deficiency.... I'm sick of tan now. Overly tanned bitches that have leathery looking skin, yeah that's so very attractive. I'm not pale, I'm just average I suppose? I just don't go out of my way to get tan anymore. Tan may make you look healthy. But I don't care, it's rather annoying how it's in vogue. Right now I'm in a "I don't care for anything" mood. I admittedly like it too.. sort of... No matter what I do or where I go, I always feel as though I'm living in confinement. I recently got An Education and (500) Days of Summer on DVD. Two films I really like. I've decided on what my first tattoo is going to be as well. The idea relates on love. Family love, that is. A one love that shan't be diminished. Of course tattoos may be pointless or stupid. But if you think hard and carefully it can be a reminder of something great. You can't change people. You can try to change their views and opinions on things as much as you want but some just will not budge at all. You can't trust people, either. Everyone's a hypocrite. You just got to go on with your life for the benefit of yourself and no one else's. If you're living for someone else, you'll never be genuinely satisfied.

This would be amazing to attend. Sigh.

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