Kisses over Babylon

I'm still here. Just not updating as much as I would like to. Anywho, my sister's visiting for the week. Plus, the local Dimmey's just opened and had a little look-see around and without fail came out buying a few things. A cute peach-pink Peter Pan collared nighty; the tag says Tommy Hilfiger Sleepwear.. but really Dimmey's? You think you can fool me thinking I'm buying something Tommy Hilfiger for $9.99? Nice try. I still like you though, you're my favourite cheap store. Also bought colourful fairy lights, three bucks. And pretty pink nailpolish, 2 bucks. Bargains! Dimmey's brings back memories. Sort of. I remember living in Townsville and they had a huge sale on nailpolish, going out for 1 cent each! That was probably like 10 years ago.. and my sister still has the ones she got from it. So when I heard that Dimmey's was coming to town I was anticipating for its arrival. Although I like to go all out and spend some large amounts of money on nice and pleasant things, I also love just spending it on cheapy things and going op-shopping, because there are some amazing little finds out there. 

Lately I've felt like I'm in a rut.. I hate them. But I've sorted things out, and I'm looking forward to a better future and life. Have you listened to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros album? It's really, really good. A recommendation. They're going to BDO Summer '11 too! I really hope the time table doesn't clash with the bands I want to see this time around. I deleted my Facebook. It was annoying me immensely. But who knows how long until I make it again. I don't want to though. But I've said that before when I've gotten rid of it. 

I want to get into taking photos again, been slack. But I took some photos on the Diana today. I want to use up the rest of the 120mm film roll so that I can transform her into a 35mm format. I want to go into vintage stores. And second-hand stores to find some old film cameras. I want. Have a jolly week all. x

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