planting lilacs and buttercups

lately, i've become disinterested in wanting fashion-wise things. maybe it's because i'm being really strict and saving up 3K+ for a new digital slr. but i'm ok with being like this. it means i don't spend my money on pointless worldly possessions. at least with a camera i can use it to my advantage. i recently got the yashica t4, and it is so great, cannot wait until i get the film developed. which reminds me, i am waiting to use up 2 other rolls of film! one from my diana and one from my yashica electro. i love film so much, but i really want to get back into digital photography also. so much to manipulate. my parents and i went to brisbane last thursday (came back early monday morning), and had a chance to go to maleny on sunday for the markets. it is so beautiful there, i want to go back there again sometime soon, so bad! i did manage to take some photos from the markets. it's times like these i wish i could just take a tonne of awesome photos on my analogue cameras and then i'd have a roll of film ready to go, but alas, that is not the case. my parents leave town in a couple of weeks, going to mt isa. i was really considering going with, but i think my heart lives here. but this means i have to be an adult and move out (for the first time for me) and know and trust that God has a plan. this all means that the removalists will be coming. my room is in a state that i cannot see the carpet. i've been meaning to clean up but i am after all, the queen of procrastinating. i wish i could write meaningful poetic text, but my prose is all i can give. i really want to get back into photography - i've been slacking off and feeling uninspired, as though i fell into a deep black hole. i just need to stay positive, and see the beauty in everything, life is precious!

moving on from that, i'm anticipating summer! less than a month away, and it's spring. i've already got ideas on what i want to do this summer. maybe i'll write a list up and post it here.. sounds like a good idea to me.

what i'm loving:
cuddles with c.
thick, cafe-style raisin toast.
second-hand book shops.
cheap, expired film + disposable cameras.
kate moss' wedding photos by mario testino.
lovely older ladies telling me about their fun youth.
hot baths.
soy chai latte.


  1. Being adult is scary! (Not that I would really know yet. Not fully, anyhow.) But you're right - God won't forsake you. He has a plan and I hope it becomes apparent soon. :)

    And I hope some inspiration hits you! When looking at another's photos (such as yours) I always wish photography were a passion of mine. Sadly though I've never seriously tried to make time for it. Now I'd just feel like a poseur, haha.

  2. yes, i have faith, and so long as i love and trust in Him, i know things will be ok.
    and thank you, so much :) i was so devastated though, when i was finished a roll of film in one of my cameras, it wouldn't rewind back into the canister, so i had to reel it up underneath my blankets (hopefully, HOPEFULLY it isn't wrecked from the light!) and wrapped foil around it. i was so sad though, because i was looking forward to it so so much! ah. we shall find out soon though if it's saved. :)