So.. It's now Tuesday, but I'll proceed to talk about the wonderful day I had, yesterday. I woke up at 10:30am (ish), wanted to go in town with mother dearest, did some shopping for some necessities which we needed.. and maybe a few things that I simply wanted due to my impulse buying habit. We then went to have lunch at BB's and had ourselves a spicy chicken wrap. After we were done, I headed off to Carlos' crib, where he showed me more of his Holga and the printed photographs from formal day. His camera really does shoot some crazy cool things, might I add! Also took the Polaris for a ride and got flicked all over with mud - so obviously was fun as pie. Then, did some archery which was a first time for me, and attempted to climb the hay bails.. but failed. He of course, has skills (that pay the bills), and succeeded in this. Later it was time to go, and today was a good driving adventure for me, helping me get some hours up because I'm really, really lacking in them. Went for a bit of a hoon with Goose, and while was in town, outside of Domino's, Bron and Carl pull up and was pretty funny because it seemed like everyone we knew was there.. not just because of them but there were a few others there too, haa. Thennnn Bron invited me over for a bit, for a chill sesh, and gave me a tour of her newish home of hers, and I love it! It's a real nice cute and cosy little place. They ate their zah and garlic bread, and then watched us some Water Boy and Man vs Wild - changing in between. This ended my day very nicely too, enjoyed it quite a bit I felt like sharing with.. you, whoever you are.. and went far enough into this to have the privilege of me... saying, hello to you. Hello there! Anywho, that's all folks.
PS. I'll be heading out of town for the Christmas holiday, so won't have much updates over that time.. Just letting, whoever, know :)

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  1. It was nice to have you - I'm glad you liked my house. You're welcome anytime! ps happy christmas and fun wishes or your holidays xx B