Happy Chappy

I have a car! I found this picture on the net (credit to Google Images) and it resembles my car pretty much. It's a Mazda 3 sp23, I would have preferred maybe black or that dark purple colour, but I suppose darker colours show dirt more and white will be better in the sense of keeping cool and whatnot. Oh well, I'm just glad to have a car of my own now :) PLUS! I received an email from Big Day Out saying that my ticket order has been dispatched today! Hence the reason for the title of this blog entry. I'm quite on the excited side of things, now being graduated from High School, soon being promoted (should I say promoted?) at good ol' Woolies, Big Day Out 2010, Soundwave 2010.. and whatever else life brings along the way :) Oh and also turning the big one-eight next year, although that's like 210 days away.. not counting down or anything. Ahh life's pretty swell.. and as Jackie would say, it's pleasant! Alas, besides me being broke, it's all good.

This is my car here :)

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