Bordering Dangerline

I know I said that I'd try blog as much as I possibly could, but clearly that didn't work. I did want to, I felt like it.. But I just didn't feel the motivation for it. I guess that's good. I'd rather not spend any more time online than I already do (especially on my holidays) just to blog anywho. While I was in Townsville I went to church on the Sunday and I enjoyed it, although I expected a little more than under an hour of service. The preacher was from Sunshine Coast, and he really captured the church with his liveliness, and he talked about the four faces of Jesus and how He's absolutely everywhere, not simply just literally (is "literally" the right word to use?), but in our lifestyle, our culture and He is in the media. References on The Simpsons, South Park (usually used in blasphemy; oh how I detest South Park), musical lyrics (possibly the most intellectual words that have left Kanye West's mouth: "Jesus walks..."), fashion (Jesus is my homeboy, anyone?), and there's plenty more that I can't think of right this second. An annoying thing to me though is rosary beads. People use/wear them as a fashion statement, and I can assure you that the majority of those people aren't using it in a recognition to Jesus Christ. Wearing crucifixes around your necks/on your fingers (unless you SINCERELY are wearing it for the purpose of your faith).. Religion is not a fashion. Jesus, is not a religion; he is our saviour. He was crucified for our sins, so that we could be forgiven, to renew and cleanse our contaminated hearts. And we're making a joke out of it with, fashion. Idolatry is another problem. Putting anything (keyword: anything) above God, is worshipping it. When I was younger I would be obsessed with a celebrity or band, or tv show. To the point it's classified as idolising them/it. I didn't think anything of it, I was just a huge "fanatic" (what I thought anyway). Same with games, drugs, anything you feel you can't live without (sustenance being the exception), and if it's not our God, it's not worshipping Him, therefore it's practicing idolatry. It is unbelievably amazing what the power of prayer can do, yet when we desperately need it, we sometimes it's an option. Anyway, I'll bid you farewell now, end of my preach for the time being. In any circumstance, think WWJD.

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