International Women's Day

I wish I could suit this.
So I leave tomorrow to Townsville for 2 weeks. Visiting family, especially for my sick grandpa. I won't get into a downward spiral about it though, I don't like to broadcast private information on this public journal. All I ask is for your thoughts and prayers for him. Anyway, 2 weeks off will suck (financially) because I'm still working as a casual. So no holiday pay, no nothing. Hopefully I'll be able to be as frugal as much as I want to be! Wish me luck. My next few big purchases I want to invest in though, are: a new (good) guitar, so that I can properly learn it and get good at it. And the second is a good SLR. I absolutely love film. All my film photographs at the moment are just from disposable cameras, I do love them though, I go crazy for the sort haha. They just have a different, unique effect that I've always admired with their slightly blurred edges and vignette. These may have to wait until after my trip down to Melbourne in July (WHICH by the way, the flights are booked, next on the list is accommodation). I also really need to save save save if this Japan trip is definitely going through, I do really want to be able to make it for New Year's. Right now though, I'm drinking up the rest of my tea, dreading having to get ready for work in an hour. I don't mind it if I'm already all equipped with my work clothes and bathed and such, it's just the getting ready part that I don't like haha. Anyway, I hope you all are having a super week and enjoy what else is yet to happen, and let it be joyous and frivolous (frivolous, to an extent). xx

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