So long!

I'm heading off to Townsville very shortly in the coming hours. I wish we had left earlier so we could possibly arrive before night time. I'm making it my goal to try and blog as much as possible while I'm away too, I'm not taking any digital cameras. Just my Diana and disposables, so I will be keen for the pictures to come out of those. Plus, I still have a roll of 120 film I'm yet to get developed, and I know a place in Townsville where I can get it developed, so I'll be able to see how they turn out too. Even though I didn't have a good customer service the last time I tried to go there, the lady was very unpleasant. Maybe she won't be there. Oh well. Anyway. I'm craving a fat-filled hot dog this morning, with onion, cheese, tomato sauce and mustard. Yummo. I think I may need to pay a visit to Donut King before we go or something. I'm gonna finish up this Toowoomba lamington now, we're almost ready to go. Blog soon. xx

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