Cosmic tones for mental therapy

The Middle East, from Townsville (where I grew up most my life) are great. I saw them live when they were just new (plus got a photo with Rohin! The guy on the bottom left out of the first picture of polaroids), and now they've got a full-length album "I Want That You Are Always Happy" and I must say you MUST take a listen. If you like Fleet Foxes, these guys just may tickle your fancy. Soothing, calming and easily enjoyable. They're the kind of guys (and girl) that you can just listen to (even better through speakers than earphones) with a cup of tea, cosy with a book or just thinking, with your thoughts running wild. Especially good on a cool autumn morning. Superb..

I can't wait until they do a tour near me, count me in being there!

My signed copy. Bliss.

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