"when you’re at a concert and you’re worried cuz your friend is acting weird and you think she’s mad at you cuz she’s being passive aggressive- THEN the show starts and you get all in your head wondering if people are watching you tapping to the beat with your heel/foot and thinking it looks dumb, or you are way too conscious about your facial expressions as you listen to the music, cuz you think people are judging you and ultimately making fun of you: just remember that you and everyone in that room is gonna die. So get the fuck over it and smile…. while you can."

Man I love 's blogs for Blind Leading the Blind. Very honest and funny factors.

Oh, and this one too:
"you can’t go wrong giving a girl a classic lambskin Chanel purse with gold hardware."

And this one..
"stop saying fuck so much. Especially in public. Let’s face it, it makes you look like a sloppy derelict!"

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