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So I have come to realise that I tend to blog on odd-numbered days. Anywho, this week is good for me. I'm not rostered on to work for it AT all, unless I get called in. Which I'm hoping I do in a way, because otherwise I'll have to wait 2 more weeks until my next pay, and I really need to be saving. Thursday, is when we leave to road trip it to Brisbane, for Soundwave on Saturday. I'm pretty stoked for that, especially for Paramore, Escape The Fate, Placebo, HIM and A Day To Remember. This will be my second festival I've ever been to, being only one month from my first (Big Day Out). Also I have decided that I am going to sight-see Melbourne sometime this year, aiming for August, but we'll see how it goes. I do love my days off. But this just doesn't work with being casual, but I am not keen on becoming part time or full time just yet, with my current job either. My books have arrived and I had a look through Andy Warhol's Screen Tests and it looks fab, and currently reading Stargirl which is great.

Exercise makes you feel great inside and out! I have forgotten how it does so.. as I haven't done any proper exercise in, aaaages. I can't wait to find the perfect little vintage bicycle and ride it around everywhere. Another thing I cannot wait for, is winter! My favourite season. Winter baby Samuel Whiskers, be I. I want some orchids. And a neat bookcase. And lots of money. Not asking for too much.

I bid you farewell. Dinner is ready - apricot chicken! My love.

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