It's Thursday

Just a few images of some awesome bicycles.. including the badass doing the wheelie.

Anywho, so I have diagnosed myself with Google. I have heartburn and it sucks. Also, I found my teeth retainer.. so my teeth ache because I haven't worn them in months. I really like the feeling I get when I have a nice clean room - currently it's in the complete opposite state.. but I'm feeling motivated to clean my room and even lead a more healthy life. This heartburn must be a wake up call for me to make some changes. Things were swell, then not so swell, then good again but then quickly not so good again.. but now I'm glad to say that things are better than ever!
An old friend is planning on visiting me in a few weeks or so, and I haven't had anyone of my old friends come down to my current location as of yet, so I'm pretty stoked for her to be coming.. she's one of my good friends. So many crazy, fun, entertaining and cherished memories with her.
My plans for now are to save, save, save! For all that I want to do in the near future which requires a bit of money. Had my first lesson of driving with the instructor yesterday morning. Wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. She's heaps cool though, taught me a lot. More than I knew.
I'm just feeling really good now, feel as though this is the start of something new, starting afresh. Feel new and rejuvenated, despite my current state being a bit sick.. it's all good.

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