I'm alive

Went to the beach today with my friend and took some photos. Winter in Townsville is my ideal summer, really. It's sunny and still gets warm during the day (not blazing hot, but probably warm enough to go for a swim) and is accompanied by cool nights. Then I go back home and it'll be pretty cold, it being the middle of winter and all... I can't wait!

Oh, and it's also eleven days till my birthday.. just saying. I can't wait also, for I have my driving test on the 5th, I'm pretty confident with my driving so I'm pretty stoked for it, but nervous at the same time. A lot of new things going to happen, I'll be turning the big one-eight, hopefully be getting my license (hello freedom!) and within the next few months we'll be moving towns. The news at first to me was a shock.. but didn't stay that way for long. I'm ready for a new change, I'm sick of my job and the town and a lot of the people in it (with an exception to a few select of them). I'm really in need of this. Meet new people, do new exciting things and find adventure. I'm going to save up and save some more, pay off my debts and make a new escape.
You could say I'm pretty stoked.

This has been a thing on my mind for a while now. Good vent. Now, have a good night! xx

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