I'll sleep when I'm dead

i wish i could sleep
without wasting time


  1. hahaha the title of this brings back so many memories for me... our motto while travelling Europe was "sleep when you're dead". Can't apply that rule while I'm home though as much as I feel like it is a waste of time (I get so cranky when tired).

    Love your blog, all the photos are super cute!


  2. yes I have had some issues with posting comments occasionally today... weird!

    well I'm glad at least one person hasn't seen the pics yet - it seems that anything to do with cobrasnake has instant cool factor = all over blogs everywhere... But I normally try to offer something a bit different :)

    I like your diana photos - but yet that's the problem with film, you just never know how they will turn out! I am half way through a roll of film in my actionsampler and am so looking forward to finishing it off and seeing the results - even if I only get 4 keepers