By yours truly.

I, really need to get a move on with everything. My car needs a good clean (inside and out), as well as my room. Doesn't look like it's going to get done now for another month at least now, as I leave .. today. And I still haven't packed. I dread packing. So. Much.
Today, I went to Rockhampton for the day with my friend to see the Sex And The City sequel. It wasn't as good as the first. 2 and a half hours spent sitting in front of the big screen just makes me restless. Unless it's a movie that's as captivating as Avatar was. Which I did, twice (only because I really wanted to see it the second time in 3D). We did some shopping and had lunch, then decided to come home before it got too dark, as we're in winter now and the days are shorter, getting darker earlier and 'roos out and about at night and whatever else wildlife fancies a stroll on the highway and the hour and a half drive. Then tonight I attended my own little hang thing, with just a group of us hanging out at my friend's place. They decided to give me an early birthday present because I'm not sure when I'll be back, before my actual birthday or after.. and they all chipped in for a new phone for me! I was very excited. It's the same phone I've had before, before losing it on New Year's... self-explanatory. And I haven't had a good run with phones, ever. But I'm going to take extra intensive care for this new one so it lasts me for ages. Was an over all good night before I go away, to catch up with some people.. some which I haven't seen in ages. 4 weeks away from here will be good, but I always end up homesick and missing (select) people immensely. I suppose I should get off and get something packed.. Will update again some other time.

Have a good weekend all! xx


  1. awesome photos. especially the first one. it took my breath away (as dumb as that might sound). love your blog also.

  2. Thank you! It really means a lot to me xx

  3. That day I was road tripping with my friend, and there was an intense fog at that time in that photo, I just couldn't resist but to take a photo.