St Valentine's

1: What I am wearing now, picked up thrifting.
2: My favourite chai tea sitting in my little book cupboard.

Today I used up the rest of my 35mm film on my Diana but when I finished with it I couldn't figure out how to rewind it all back up and opened the back with the film still laid across, so I really hope it didn't ruin ALL of my film otherwise I'll be pretty devastated and annoyed. Hopefully only the last few frames are ruined because I was just mucking around to waste it up so I can finally go get the film developed haha. Lately everything I eat makes me feel sick/bloated, unless I just eat salad, which I don't mind because I love salad. I have been telling myself pretty much everyday that today will be the day I clean my room up, but that was last week.. I really do want to clean it up and rearrange everything again, but I just don't have enough motivation. It rained today, absolutely bucketed down when I was at work, I could even smell it. I love really heavy rain when I'm inside. I am really liking Camera Obscura too, lately.

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