You Dream Maker, You Heartbreaker

So I got my Diana film back, only about 7 got developed though because of my silliness of opening up the back before it was all rewound. There was probably only 2 decent pictures out of the bunch anyway and I don't think they're even worth scanning and putting up haha. I just worked my butt off at lunch setting up for a function for 80 people, and hurrying after to prepare for tonight in the kitchen. Now, I am just so exhausted and wish I could just have a nice nap that can go for as long as I want it to, and when I wake up is when I'll go to work, that would be good. I still need to clean my room! At least today is my Thursday, one more day and then two days off. Hopefully I can get some things done during that time like wash and vacuum my car, and clean my room out to make it simply immaculate.. I bought my dear new frankie addition, now to find some time to read it. Possibly tonight after work. It just seems that I keep adding things to do on my "To Do" list, it's become overwhelming! But I feel super good about cutting back on impulsively buying unnecessary magazines. I guess all magazines are technically unnecessary unless they serve a purpose to do with your health or wellbeing, but in my case it's an overload in plain fashion and lifestyle magazines. So now the only one I will buy out of my own money is frankie, I still have subscriptions to yen, GRAZIA and RUSSH, but I think yen is the only one out of those three I'll continue with subscribing to. It's funny because it ends up costing more to subscribe to frankie than just buying the issues for the amount of time the subscription goes for.. so I just stick to doing that. Anyway, this has become a long boring blob of nothing to some of you.

I'm kind of over a lot of my music at the moment. Anyone care to share and list me a bunch of music they're liking or listening to a lot lately? I like fresh new ideas especially related to music. Love to hear from yous :) xx

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