Hello, Again, Friend of a Friend

I wish I knew what brand these Chukka shoes were exactly, I want them so badly!

I bought season 1 and 2 of Mad Men on DVD, so I've been eager to watch that, plus I'm still waiting on my Mere Christianity book by C.S. Lewis to arrive in the mail. It's shipped over from the U.K. so I suppose I have to bear with that, maybe later on this week hopefully.

Went to Rocky on Monday and bought some new things. I bought a pair of Chambray Gypsy Roll Hem Chino pants, reduced 3 times, got them for $19.95 from $79.95! Bargain. Also another bargain hunted was my khaki Rib Linen Short purchase. And another couple of purchases from Sportsgirl included my white stripe on black sneakers and a mini metallic black sequin shoulder purse, as requested from one of my sisters, all of them being on sale too! I tend to like more of the things on sale in Sportsgirl though.. which is awesome for my wallet! I also made a trip to Barkins and found a stellar clutch/handbag. All black leather exterior and with some embellishments added to it. Which funnily enough was also on sale! I also couldn't resist but buy some ribbon from Spotlight. Colour: "Apricot", just for my hair. And I bought a silicone iPod protector case because my new iPod is already visibly scratched up.

I enjoyed a pleasant lunch with my mum at Coffee Club that day, ate quiche Lorraine with salad and had  chai tea. The tea was pretty milky but it tasted pretty yummy. I've never actually had a tea from somewhere, brought out to me in a little teapot. So that was nice. All on my day off.

In other news, me and my sisters will be making a trip down to Melbourne in July to trek around and soak in all the apparent loveliness of the city. They've both been there, but I'm yet to experience the so-called amazing place. I can tell I'll love it already. I know a girl who lives there, a couple of people I know over the internet, and we've been so excited for to one day be able to meet and talk! In real life haha. So she'll be showing me the go-to places whilst there. I can't wait.

Nutella and Peanut Butter sandwich with a glass of milk to wash it down, is the most best snack/combination ever! It combines all of my favourite things into one... or maybe it's two, seeing as  though it consists of a sandwich AND a drink..?

Anyway. I've been listening non stop to TDWP. I plan on going to one of their next shows they make down to Aus.

A lot of magazines lately are extremely boring to me. Frankie seems to still be the only one which I adore more and more with each issue. Yen comes up there too. But that's about it. A lot of "fashion" dedicated magazines bore me. It's generally the same thing with each issue. And I'm over "art" brought into the industry. I want quality and simpleness; not diehard, try-hards forcing something down my throat. And I'm not all that interested in celebrity gossip either, so GRAZIA has become a no-longer-interested-in mag, I've never really liked weekly tabloids anyway.

Well there's more than enough I should be blabbing on about, hope you didn't get too bored and wanted to poke your eyes out or something. Have a grand week! xx

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