Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken

I'm soon off to work. New frankie is out today, keen to have that in my hot little hands. Also my film will be done by the time I'm finished work this afternoon, I'm anticipating how they'll turn out and hopefully if there's some good ones I will scan them and post them up here. Health kick again! Raw food diet/vegetarian. And then soon I'll be back into my exercising regimen, hoping to lose my baby fat and get fit again! Also, I feel really fantastic not having any alcohol for almost a month now. It really is just empty calories, and doesn't make me feel good in any way whatsoever. I'd rather feel amazing with being sober and my body and liver will thank me in the long run too! I will be back later on today to post more :) I just really wanted to do a morning update because I'm feeling pretty good. Also, I'm keeping my hair out of my face and not wearing any makeup. It feels like my skin can really breathe now and will hopefully become more and more clear. My skin does tend to break out a lot more when I haven't been taking a lot of care in regards to my diet. I love going healthy food shopping. And I really like eating nuts; cashews, almonds and walnut mix is a favourite! Well, I best be off now. Happy Wednesday!

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