I am sleepy. Today (or yesterday, I should say now it being after midnight) was a big day. Both at work and at home. I feel like I accomplished a lot, in the process of giving my room a massive clean up. Including pulling everything out of my cupboard and scrubbing the surfaces and getting rid of stuff I've been hoarding.. I'm such a hoarder. But there's just some things that I definitely want. Even though possessions really aren't what is important. I just want stuff to give to my children, and my children's children, etc. I was away for Easter, in Toowoomba actually, for Easterfest. It was really good, until the second night of it flooding and resulting in the festival being cancelled. But it was a good experience. There was maybe about 40 or so of us staying at the Baptist church down there, and it was an adventure indeed. It was so good though, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And now I'm home, working, trying to slave away to save my hard-earned cash to pay for I-wish-we-didn't-need-cars expenses and my July holiday in Melbourne!

Let me just say, if you want a snack. Try this: get a slice of multigrain bread, spread wholegrain mustard all over, and place little slices of avocado. There you have it! I absolutely love it, and just happened to think of it, because I do love wholegrain mustard and avocado. Now I am addicted.

Oh, a band I really enjoyed seeing at Easterfest was Article One. They have a violinist, and he goes off. A really good band, I recommend hearing some of their stuff. Also really enjoyed watching Michael Paynter, check him out too if you already haven't.

I'm still vegan. Going on 2 weeks now. I am really actually enjoying it. I've seen such a difference in my energy and my physical appearance. I recommend doing it, just for a week or so even. It's a good change.
Anywho. I am exhausted. Off to beddy byes I go. Goodnight, hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week! :)

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