I still have your old shirt, you know the one I said I had thrown away; I put it on when I went to bed last night.

I've (somehow, unashamedly too) been listening to The Veronicas' Hook Me Up album today. I used to love that album. I used to love them.

On another note, I'm pretty stoked to be able to see my breath in front of my at night outside. I love love love winter. I got my Miss Dior Cherie perfume finally, and it smells oh-so-sweet. Maybe my new signature scent, although I still am a loyal lover of Coco Mademoiselle (my most favourite perfume). I now have a new favourite drink! It's grapefruit and tangerine iced tea, it's a swell hot day's treat for me. Albeit, it's now getting into winter. I'll still get it any chance I get hah. I'm actually now home from a trip to the far north-west part of QLD, to The Isa for a funeral (for my grandad). It involved a lot of people crying, food, laughter, catching up with relatives and of course, driving. 14 hours of it to be precise. Me and my sister discovered a cute-as-pie little gift shop though, Bella Duck, and I could literally live there. I bought a forest berry fruit spread from there, a babushka-printed tea towel (for my sister, as a sorry gesture) and a rose flavoured turkish delight (for the mother, because I love her lots). All came to the price of how much the tea towel was marked as ($18.95!!) because it was actually reduced to $7.95. So I was super stoked with that buy. Must have meant to be. I actually really don't mind that town, I probably wouldn't like the summer heat so much. But the winter there is intense (that I wouldn't mind), all in all I don't mind it at all. Especially to visit my grandmother.

Anywho, this is my update. Love it or leave it, I just like to post pretty pictures.

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