There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

So since last Tuesday, I've decided to go vegan. Whoa. Yeah, but not a strict one as many would be. I'm not too entirely sure if the products I use for my skin or hair are animal cruelty-free, I'm quite frankly not too fussed about that. But I haven't been having any dairy products or chocolate - which is an amazing achievement for me because I used to eat so much chocolate, and I love cheese and milk so much too. Swapping my usual full cream milk for my chai tea with soy milk. And I really don't mind it either, it's pretty tasty actually. It's just a thing I'm going with because I am happy with changing my diet around, beneficially though. And I've already noticed a difference with my body, it's amazing how when you have the right mindset, thinking positively, you can acquire self-restraint and maintain a healthy diet. I'm not even sure how long this vegan run is going to last, I'm not going to set a date and stop doing it. I'll just keep doing it for as long as I feel like/want. It's crazy too, I realised that I used to just eat because I felt like it or was bored or even just a little bit peckish, but still ate more than what I needed. That's the big thing. People tend to just keep eating just because the food is there, rather than listening to their body telling them that it's no longer necessary, because you are in fact satisfied. Also I prefer eating things in their most natural form, like fruit and vegetables etc. and I haven't been drinking any other beverages other than water, juice or tea. Still not drinking alcohol, I just don't have the desire to drink it anymore. It doesn't taste nice. Just empty calories. And, makes you sick or feel like crap. Does to me anyway, I'm going to admit.

Everyone should read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (it's definitely a recommendation), he's not there to try and convert you. Just tell you how it is.

This Friday I'm heading over to Toowoomba for the annual festival Easterfest. It's going to be amazing and I cannot wait. Probably will be the best festival I ever go to. Check it out here!

Everything seems to be going darn fine. And with prayer and worship, I know things will get even better. Our God is amazing. Hope you all had a super weekend! xx

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