Beanie: Sportsgirl
Top: Topshop

Hat: Sportsgirl
Shirt: (Flanny) Dimmey's

I got really bored and wanted to take photos. The first picture is from yesterday, and the second one just a moment ago. I have an obsession with head accessories, namely beanies and hats. But I never find a good time to wear my hats. Anywho, both the photos were taken when I had just pretty much woken up, no makeup, tired look on my face and you can see my pig-sty of a room in the background. I love it how I wake up at least an hour before my alarm clock goes off, it's a really good feeling for me. Oh, and my latest music obsession is Blue Roses, check them out. Genuine music, genuine recommendation.

My recent love.

Today is my Thursday, mumma comes home today and sister is visiting. Going to the City on Tuesday to do some much-needed shopping.. much-needed to my wardrobe and makeup bag anyway. Hey! Happy Saturday folks! Have a grand weekend whatever you do. Leave me a note, what are YOU up to this weekend? I'm curiouser and curiouser.. ♥

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